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Do you want to share your passion or skills with others?

Does the thought of creating a course overwhelm you?

Would you like to facilitate groups with ease?


 Perhaps you are a professional who wants to share your skills in small groups but you don't know how to translate what you know into a workshop.
We can work together to distill the essence of your workshop from the range of possibilities. Once you have decided to create a course on a topic that you feel very passionately about, you might be somewhat confused about where and how to start.
With over 20 years in the field of education and delivering train-the-trainer courses I can help you design and deliver your ideal course. I have designed and delivered courses ranging from corporate training to small, personal and experiential workshops. I can help you design workshops ranging from 1-2 hours in length (Taster courses to introduce yourself to interested participants)  to Master courses which last a year or more.
Let me help you with:

Course Creation

  • move from an idea to a reality - identifying the outcomes you want to achieve
  • explore models of delivery that are congruent with your course content
  • craft activities that enhance learning and participation
  • developing and organising sessions that build skills and knowledge in a systematic way
  • creating resources


Facilitation Skills

  • balance learning needs and group process
  • incorporate different learning styles into activities
  • respond to different types of learners
  • know when to lead, to guide, to invite, to reflect
  • listen to what is being said while observing non-verbal communication to improve your responsiveness to the group
  • develop facilitation skills in opening a group/session, ensuring participants remain engaged, managing group difficulties, spotting the teachable-moment, managing smooth transitions between activities and sessions, closing sessions to increase impact.
  • questioning skills that encourage safety and learning together
  • give effective feedback
  • master your own facilitation style

Please contact me if you are interested in receiving support course creation and facilitation. I can provide one-to-one coaching or run a short course for a small group.