Back to Basics series

This is a collection of mind-body-heart awareness practices that

bring us back to ourselves – present moment awareness

enhance our capacity to concentrate – improving memory, thinking, brain functioning

expand our self-awareness – embracing who we are and transforming our experiences

encourage us to take notice and take care of our bodies – choosing well-being & health

help us develop compassion &insight – improving our relationships & reducing conflict & fear

integrate our practice into daily life


  • back to basics 1: breath of life
  • back to basics 2: we’re not where we think we are
  • back to basics 3: simply noticing what you notice
  • back to basics 4: Ironing Meditation – turning everyday activities into practice
  • back to basics 5: everyday body scan
  • back to basics 6: three 10 minute reconnection practices
  • back to basics 7: creating your relaxation response
  • Back to Basics 8: Coming back to yourself
  • back to basics 9: Cultivating Compassion & Strengthening Equanimity
  • Back to Basics 10: Finding Your Centre even in Times of Chaos & Crisis
  • Back to Basics 11: Finding Relief from Distraction & Agitation
  • Back to Basics 12: Let your whole body breathe
  • Back to Basics 13: Outside to Inside
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