Inspiration & Optimism

by leona on November 5, 2010


Alice is soooo inspiring. She radiates the energy of a well-lived life. In her interview I was touched by a couple of things she said that brought joy into her life:

  • loving and being interested in other people
  • music – playing and sharing it (a passion)
  • laughing
  • staying optimistic

Here are 4 well-researched and proven strategies that can help us process difficulties and bring our awareness into a balance:

  • writing: write about your pain rather than just talking about it…apparently writing is more effective because we start to create a storyline to make sense of what has happened and this helps us work towards a solution
  • recollecting what’s good: write about good things that have happened each day and your part in them – gratitude heals
  • imagine a perfect future: write (realistically) about your best possible future – this increase optimism and the likelihood of achieving your goals.
  • affectionate writing: write affectionately about the people in your life each day. Doing this has been shown to reduce stress and cholesterol!!
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