Simple Gratitude

by leona on June 21, 2010

146 Simple Gratitude ~ a quality of paying attention to what seems obvious, predictable, and normal in our lives.

I recently went on a course about writing responses to Ministerial enquiries. A Ministerial Enquiry is when a constituent writes to their local MP and asks them one of two questions:

Why has this happened to me – in my neighbourhood – to my community?


Why hasn’t his happened to me – in my neighbourhood – to my community?

It can be about anything. An urban development, not getting into a course, the state of the roads in their neighbourhood, some issues with government rules, a new treatment for an illness, access to medical care or support and so on.

What has gratitude to do with this? Ministerials require a quick and accurate response from public servants. They require us to stop what we are doing and answer the questions asked and explain how or why something has or hasn’t gone the way the person would have liked. They can feel like being put in the spotlight in a negative way – if you think of it like that! But at this course the trainer did an amazing thing. She reframed how I think about Ministerials.

Ministerials are evidence of democracy in action. They show we live in a society where people are not afraid to ask questions of the government and its public servants. There is no punishment, no reprisals for exercising your democratic rights. They also show that the public are willing to use non-violent means to get heard and express their wishes and needs.

I am grateful for Ministerials.

What else that I have complained about in the past or not even noticed  and am now simply grateful for?

  • traffic lights – for keeping me safe
  • Medicare – for ensuring I have reasonable access to health care
  • electricity – so I can stay warm, cook my food etc
  • paying tax – so I can drive on good roads, educate my children, support those in need
  • queues – so that I know I will be seen when it is my turn and I do not need to fight for attention and service
  • my job – I get to contribute to the well-being of others and get paid every week

~ Simple Gratitude ~

for those things we hardly notice or take for granted


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home improvement June 27, 2010 at 6:27 pm

I kind of disagree with you.
No offense,I would hate to use the word grateful here !

leona June 28, 2010 at 3:29 am

No offence taken. I am curious -can you tell me more? What would you say?

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