18 Wonderful Self-Healing Exercises free from Sounds True

by leona on February 15, 2010

18 Self-Healing Exercises

18 Self-Healing Exercises You Can Try Right Now

We all have the capacity to generate healing in our own lives and to help others to do the same. Are you ready to experience the benefits of energy healing? We invite you to select whichever category on the right is most interesting to you, and jump right in to explore this fascinating field.


The first section, Working with the Life Force, begins with two foundational relaxation exercises where you will be introduced to the flow of energy in your body and how to work with it to stimulate healing and combat stress and fatigue.

Breath, Prana, and Qi

The next section on Energy Medicine Exercises awakens your subtle energy body through powerful practices involving the chakras, including a daily energy routine you can do each day to infuse your life with clarity and vitality.

Chakras, Meridians, and Aura

A cascading waterfall, flanked by flowers. Our Sound Healing section introduces three practices which give you a first-hand experience of the unique power of sound to connect you with deep levels of healing and transformation.

Sound Healing

The next section on Using the Hands for Healing provides an effective exercise for tuning into the innate healing powers which exist right in your very own hands. By learning how to activate our hands for healing, we prepare ourselves to bring forth powerful energies of transformation.

Using the Hands for Healing

Guided Imagery and Visualization includes five simple, yet transformative exercises, each of which opens a doorway into a more awake and alive experience of life.  A forest path in Redwoods State Park, California.

Guided Imagery and Visualization

We conclude with Soul-Level Healing where you will learn to enter the "non-ordinary reality" of the shaman. As a part of this journey, you will discover useful information and ways of healing that are not ordinarily available in the normal waking state.

Soul-Level Healing

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Louise Dawson February 16, 2010 at 11:41 am

I have been enjoying these links, thanks for making exploring easy. What a great blog and website you have. I always enjoy the directions you take me.

Alex - Energetic Healing Melbourne March 3, 2010 at 9:13 am

Hi Leona, thanks for sharing these links, they are great resources to have. I’ve looked at some of Anodea Judith work in the past, she describes the Chakra System quite well.

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