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Resolve the Unresolvable - Leverage Polarities & Paradoxes



Many of the issues leaders, organisations, families and individuals  face are not problems to be solved; they are polarities and paradoxes to be balanced. 

A paradox is a seemingly contradictory situation containing mutually exclusive aspects. For example athletes need to both relaxed and focused to achieve peak performance. 

Polarities are sets of opposites which you need to be managed. It is likely you need both in your life but when you focus on one polarity you lose the benefits of the other.  But is this true and necessary?  Polarity Integration process can take you beyond either/or to a new level of thinking while tracking the benefits of each in real time.


Do you struggle with any of these polarities in your life or at work?

  • Work vs Home
  • Caring for Self vs Caring for others
  • Exercise vs Rest/Relaxation
  • Planning vs being spontaneous
  • Teams vs Individuals
  • Stability vs change 

...and there are many, many more. 


Polarities are a natural state. We accept them without question in nature: summer-winter, hot-cold, night-day. The one without the other is uncomfortable at best and unsustainable for the most part.


The issue is that we often think that these polarities are mutually exclusive. This may, in fact, be far from the reality. Its the way you are thinking about the situation or issue. In a world of increasing interdependency and complexity we all need to take our thinking to a new level.

Polarity Integration is the key to bringing to light the interdependencies that create tension, dilemmas and paradoxes in life and in organisations. With Polarity Integration & Coaching you can bring both poles or wishes to fruition drawing on the strengths and advantages of each. 


By mapping both goals in a dynamic and measurable way you can

  • see new layers of solutions,
  • track positive and negative cycles and
  • make informed adjustments.

After integration both polarities continue to exist in relationship with each bringing into balance the best of each pole. The tension after integration serves to energise  and sustain the system, organisation or individual. 


 Use Polarity Integration to find your way through dilemmas that keep you stuck.