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Clarity Coaching is a unique fast-paced coaching process that gets beyond logic to new options and an action plan in just 20 minutes.


It works on one issue, concern, or idea at a time.


Clarity Coaching can help you make a decision on your way to work, in your coffee  break or while you are at lunch.


Clarity Coaching can be used for work or personal issues. If you need to take the next step Clarity Coaching can open up your world to a range of options.


Clarity Coaching utilises  your intuition and deepens your thinking, taking you beyond your usual narrative and problem-solving strategies to achieve outcomes with more ease. After all, if your logical mind could have solved the issue it would have already.


Try something new. SMS Leona on 0403 125 332 or contact me for a complimentary session to find out if this coaching model is a good fit for you.